Loxley Gold Artist Canvas

Stretched artist's canvas for school and collegeLoxley Gold Artists canvases are known by for their high quality and finish. The priming formula, developed by Loxley, provides the correct surface for holding the paint whilst preventing the colour from sinking into the cotton. This 100% cotton canvas has a medium grain and smooth texture, making it ideal for all techniques including Impasto, wet-on-wet, Glazing etc) in Alkyd, Acrylic and Oil paints. Each canvas is hand-stretched over specially profiled wooden stretcher bars and fastened on the reverse, leaving the sides 'clean'.

Loxley Chunky canvas are stretched using a special method which results in a drum-like, even tautness - removing the need for corner edges. This, along with the carefully tailored corners, allows the finished painting to be hung either unframed or framed as you wish. The mitred corners are made with a free floating tongue-and-groove so that the canvas can be re-tensioned if needed using the wedges supplied .

There is a huge range of size/formats available in the Loxley Gold Traditional depth (alias Standard depth) and in the modern Chunky 36mm depth. The larger of the canvases have cross bars to add strength and stability to the frame.

The cross bars in the Loxley Gold Traditional Depth range have curved edges to prevent paint lines forming when painting with a 'heavy-hand' technique or palette knife. Each canvas is presented in a sealed poly wrapper and has the Loxley logo embossed discreetly on the back of the stretcher frame.