Stretched Traditional Depth

We bring the entire range of Loxley Canvas within the cost and time saving reach of Schools throught the UK.  Loxley are reknowned among Fine Artists and Painters of all genre for their pre-stretched, quality Canvases.

What is the difference between Loxley Ashgate and Loxley Gold?

Both the range are made by Loxley: -

The Ashgate are very popular with students as they represent very good value yet are made to a high specification, with profiled stretcher bars, clean tack free edges and tongue & groove corners. 

The Gold range is made from slightly heavier weight cotton and has an extra layer of primer which results in a smoother painting surface of excellent performance.  Paint is prevented from 'sinking' whilst still making a strong bond, this reduces colour shift, saves paint and preserves the lifetime of the painting.  The Gold canvas range also offers probably the UK's largest list of sizes, from the mini 4 inch x 3 inch to 6 x 4 feet. 

Art School Supplies offer the entire range of regular rectangular, squares, rounds, ovals and seascape (long & thin) stretched canvas from Loxley.

With a view to delivering every canvas in pristine condition and with regards to the greatly discounted prices available here for Schools, the stretched canvases are sold only in certain multiples of each size.  These quanitities are shown by each item as they vary depending on their size.